Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Calling vs. A Burden

I loved Thursday night... How often do we hear a calling from the Lord and turn it to glorify ourselves? I was so humbled. I thought about my own life, and the things the Lord has allowed me to love. Those are things He has intended to be a burden, but I created it to be my own calling. Therefore, when things went wrong, or still do for that matter, I take it personally.

A CALLING is something that will fulfill the longing in my heart; a BURDEN is something that will fulfill the Lord's heart. I want the burden, because when I hit the wall of opposition and I'm doing it for my own glory, I will FAIL. But if I'm doing it for the burden the Lord has put on my heart, I can do all things through HIM. When the enemy is waiting for the right moment to stand in front of me, I want to covered in His love, His protection, His covering. I want His burden in my life. I want to stand for Him and say, " I will do whatever it takes to glorify You." No enemy, no wall, no opposition has a hold on me. For I am my Father's, and I can do all things through Him. So Lord, put the burden on my heart... break me of things that I use to bring glory to myself. Break my heart for the things that break Your heart. I am here to be part of Your army... to establish Heaven on Earth....